St Dominic's Catholic
School for girls Boksburg
Dear Llewelyn, Mark, Kevin and Team

I'd just like to take this opportunity to congratulate your entire team for the most phenomenal system of Mindbourne and all that it represents.

The amount of thought, time, expertise in not only the field of Mathematics but also IT is truly amazing!
I can most definitely appreciate what has gone into what I consider to be the most spectacular system ever made in the history of textbooks, most certainly in this country and I'd imagine the continent and internationally too. Just the way the whole system works, the book codes, followed by the teacher’s codes for the online videos. It’s all mind boggling and very WOW.


St Benedicts School
On the SACE workshop presented by Mark Phillips:

I enjoyed it immensely and benefitted so much! I look forward to many more


Grade 12 AP Maths
Academy student
The AP Academy has made my experience with AP math an enjoyable one. I have never been made to feel afraid to ask for help, whether that be from my teacher or the staff and that is a quality I appreciate.

Every problem that arose (although not many) was solved with speed and respect, even though I am just a student.

I am grateful for the treatment that the academy gives to their students.

Although AP math itself can be very challenging and at times absolutely dreadful, Mark Phillips (my teacher) always finds a way to make it fun and understandable and gives his students a reason to persevere. The academy gave me the opportunity to take AP math and I don’t regret it one bit.


Advantage Learn
Good morning Mark. Hope you are well. I am looking at your new text books. They are excellent. Love the changes you have made. In fact they are brilliant. I wish teachers would follow your lead. Congrats.


CBC Boksburg
Students now have their own private tutor whenever they need help. My students have improved since using these textbooks. A great help during lockdown. Also enables you to use a 'flipped classroom'.


Curro Krugersdorp
The books are awesome. The layout, the examples on all the possibilities of how the questions could be asked, the dynamic Trig and Geometry is great. Then there are the Mindbourne videos, absolutely great for learners and as a tool for teachers.


Durban Girls High
Textbooks follow a logic order and cover all the content on a basic and on high level. The online support is of great value and we all benefit from it. The product is easily accessible and user friendly. It will be great to have Mindbourne as a SACE approved platform.


Curro Serengetti
Mark Phillips not only presented the topics in an interesting manner, but complimented the experience with humour and fun. One could hear the passages filled with laughter and after the session, amazement from satisfied learners on their learning experience.


Curro Krugersdorp
Hi. These new Flipbooks are awesome!!!!! Can't wait to use the textbooks next year. Mark, you guys have outdone yourselves. This is so awesome! And the notes that I can make in the workbook, wow. You and your team are outstanding. All the best for the future. Greetings.


Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel
I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me earlier this year! The Mindbourne platform is amazing. It has boosted my marks from a 57% to almost a 90%, it has really helped me unlock my full potential in Maths. This kind of teaching can benefit thousands if they had access to it. Once again, thank you.


King David Linksfield
Gr12 Student
Dear Llewelyn and the Mindbourne team

I am pleased to inform you that I have achieved 91% for Mathematics for Matric. The videos were excellent and I feel that they contributed greatly to my result. The tech support was superb, and managed to sort out any issues I had quickly.

I would like to thank all of you for the hard and good work that you all do.

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